Alabama Company Has Some Explaining To Do After Their Sausage Ended Up On Somebody's Roof

 Austin Adair and his family had experienced something totally unexpected that no family had ever seen before. Randomly, fifteen pounds of ground Italian sausage had plopped onto their roof in the middle of the night. The loud thud had alerted their dogs, yet they could not determine what had happened amidst the late-night confusion.


Early in the morning, the mother of the family had discovered the package of sausage just outside of the house. Upon further investigating, they had also found other similar packages around the yard. These packages were labeled "William Land Service", which apparently is a company from Alabama. It is quite the distance between Florida and Alabama. Surprisingly, this was an excavating company instead of a restaurant or butcher shop. This had all lead to even more confusion as to why their meat ended up on their roof. The family had contacted the business multiple times, including sending photos, and they had brushed it off as if they were crazy. Since the story was so juicy, even more juicer than the sausage, the family had contacted all the media outlets that they could.

It was not long before the local news had swarmed them with questions over this bizarre story. National news and even Jimmy Kimmel had wanted in on this story. Adair will supposedly appear on Jimmy Kimmel to explain this goofy story. Williams Land Service, the company supposedly behind the sausage, is owned by Donny Williams and his family. They provide mulching and landscape services in Northern Alabama.

Many news agencies had contacted him and his company to get the scoop on the flying sausage. His company's name is clearly on the package, but he has no idea why it would be associated with his company. He is in the tree business and not in the meat business. He is getting harassed by news agencies and poked fun at by friends and family. In the end, it is likely that another business of the same name could be involved. Internet forums, including Reddit, are cooking up crazy theories on how the meat dropped on their house. One of the most popular theories is that a drone delivery may have failed and dropped the meat by error. Another could be that had fallen out of a cargo airplane. Either way, this family is left baffled and the company responsible for the sausage drop is not coming forward.

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