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It appears that treasure hunting enthusiasts are not ready to give up on finding a World War II Nazi train that is rumored to be filled with gold and other valuable items, even though many experts doubt its existence. The search has been ongoing since August of 2016.

The train is supposed to have been operated by German military personnel who were attempting to outwit a Soviet military maneuver. The train is rumored to be interred in a Poland railroad tunnel that is no longer in existence either. While a rather large contingency of radar experts are 99 percent sure that nothing is there, their opinion and findings are not shared by the World Jewish Conference.

According to historical accounts, the train disappeared in 1945 while traveling through an underground tunnel system developed by Nazis but never completed. As late as the 1970s, interest was rekindled by a retired Polish miner who passed along information given to him by a man from Germany.

Although documentation exists relative to many highly-classified Third Reich activities of this magnitude, the mystery continues since no documentation has surfaced regarding the existence of this missing train.

It's worth a trip to Ossian, Indiana, to see a gigantic Minion occupying a farm field. The farm's owner who is in her 60s is living proof that there is more to senior-citizen activities than sipping coffee or tea while playing bingo at a senior daycare or assisted living facility. The Minion is actually a 25-foot silo that is no longer in need of structural rehab and a coat of paint. During an interview, via telephone, with a Washington Post reporter, the widow explained that the idea was generated by her deceased husband and how with the help of some very-talented and well-educated grandchildren she was able to bring his idea to fruition with only 14 gallons of paint.

It appears that salesmen such as Willie Loman never die, they are just reincarnated in future generations of mankind. The old adage that the right amount of money can buy anything on Planet Earth became a reality when a street in a prestigious San Francisco neighborhood became the property of a couple for a mere $90,000 real estate investment.

The street was offered up for sale by the city's taxation department to cover an outstanding $994 bill for unpaid taxes, interest and penalties of $14 per year by its residents.

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