Frozen Pork Falling From the Sky in Florida

Travis Adair and his family were rudely awoken from their slumber at 4:00 AM last Saturday as a 15 pound bag of frozen pork pieces landed on top of their Deerfield Beach home. At first, the family thought it was simply thunder due to the loud banging sound, but upon inspection the following morning, they discovered five bundles worth of meat on and around the house.

According to the New York Daily News, Adair's theory is that the meat came from the air. “It had to fall from the sky. It was too heavy to throw on the roof.” This seems like the most likely possibility consider the family lives near three airports. More important than the "how" would be the "why", though. Checking the labels on the package, the meat supposedly belonged to Jim Willians, a resident of Myakka City roughly 170 miles away from the Adairs. He claims to have bought some igs at a county fair in January, giving away some of the meat after butchering. As he is not a pilot and does not own a plain, he has no idea how the meat could have ended up where it did or why. Williams' friend, Jimmy Fussel, was the one to processed the pigs. He was similarly confused as to how this could have happened.

As no comment has been made by the Federal Aviation Administration, there is currently no way to know who could have been transporting the pork let alone their motives for dropping it onto the Adairs' house. While the Adairs opted not to keep their sky meat, Williams has offered to throw them a barbecue as a show of good faith. There is currently no word on whether or not the mysterious pork pilot will show up during the festivities.

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