Hedgehog Dispute Leaves Florida Man in Hospital

A south Florida man identified as Homer Stacy II was recently arrested outside his home in Greenacres. Local 10 reports that officers on the scene brought him into custody on aggravated assault charges after they found him pushing a wheelchair filled with a machete and baseball, allegedly with the intent to use them against his son after a dispute over a hedgehog. Stacy claims that the weapons were for his own protection, however.

According to his account of the incident, he had told his son to retrieve his pet hedgehog that had been left at his home, only for the son to push him in response. The officers questioning him also mention that Stacy "went back and forth between being cooperative to belligerent," in their report. According to Stacy's son, however, this is not how the event played out. By his own account, Stacy had been heavily drinking at the time of the altercation and demanded his son "go and hurt" a woman. After telling his father he planned to see his mother, Stacy became belligerent, yelling at his son and stabbing a door with a knife.

It was then that Stacy pushed his son, not the other way around. His son then left the premises and came back later to try and gather his belongings, his father having exited the building. They encountered each other again outside, at which point Stacy began to yell at him, took off his shirt, and grabbed the baseball bat seemingly with the intention of using it against his son. Police arrived on the scene shortly after and took Stacy into custody. While in the back of the patrol car, officers reported him screaming at his son and threatening to murder him.

Stacy is currently still being held in county jail at the time of this report. He is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of simple assault. No bond has been posted.

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