How Doe Deere Became Queen of the Unicorns



Who Is Doe Deere?
Although she was born in Russia, Doe Deere was raised in New York from a young age. Today, she is the founder and the CEO of the popular cosmetic line Lime Crime. With stunning colors, Doe has fought to bring a unique look to the world of cosmetics so that women can be who they are without worrying what anyone thinks about them. She got her start while still in Russia a little over 10 years ago when she would try to market tattoo creations in school.

When Doe moved to New York, she played in a band, not knowing that her passion for fashion and makeup would be a huge online success. While playing in the band, Doe learned that it's about the marketing that attracts people to someone or something else. One of the other positive things that came from Doe being in the band was that she met her husband, Mark Deere.

Early Stages Of Lime Crime
Doe Deere started a business on eBay before she came became the CEO of Lime Crime in 2008. She would sell her creations on the site, learning about business management in the process. When she saw that there were people who would follow what she sold, she decided to venture out and start her own business. The idea for the name of the business comes from Doe's favorite color and the thinking that wearing such bold colors should be considered a crime.

When the company first started, Doe would model everything that she sold herself before it was put online for customers to buy. She still tries everything today before it's released so that she knows what it will look like, but she has the assistance of the people who work with her to help as well. There are a few ways that Doe defines the success that she has had. She believes that success is when her vision is grasped by the people who follow her. She has always stuck by the values that she has in life and hasn't strayed from having a positive attitude. Doe wants others to be happy, which is why her line of cosmetics is so vibrant and beautiful.

Where Does Lime Crime Stand?
Doe has several ideas that she puts into play when they are imagined. One of her latest successes is a liquid to matte lipstick that is transfer-proof and that will stay on the lips. She worked for months with a chemist in order to design this lipstick, and it has been a huge hit among her customers. Doe's other big success has been to get the products that she sells declared cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny.

Even through all of the positive sides of the business, there have been a few challenges. There was a security breach in 2014 where some of the information for customers was unfortunately stolen. Doe feels responsible because she cares about the security of her customers. There are several things that the company now does to ensure that the site is secure, such as transparent communication and extra customer care personnel. There is also a team of security experts who monitor everything that takes place online to prevent a breach from happening in the future.

Doe Deere takes most of her images to Instagram and other social media outlets. She welcomes the pictures that customers send into the company so that she can show other women of all ages how beautiful the products look. There are several items available for women, such as lip gloss, eyeshadow, matte lipstick and eye glitter. Doe is considered a unicorn, standing out among others who develop makeup because she has taken a stand against plain and boring. From the hot pinks to the bold blues, there is something for everyone to try so that they can be a unicorn as well and follow in the footsteps of entrepreneur Doe Deere.

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