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In the realm of off-beat news, one would hope that this driver had processed insurance coverage or had current insurance coverage transferred prior to this event. According to Yorkshire, England police, the driver of a brand new Ferrari only owned the vehicle for one hour before an accident occurred which left the vehicle valued at $260,000 to be declared a total loss. Although the police report contained no finite details, the driver walked away with minor cuts and bruises, but the vehicle ended up in a field where it was transformed by fire into a pile of scrap-yard rubble in a heartbeat.

In the category of 'Random Acts of Kindness,' this news story would surely rank near the top of any list on Planet Earth. According to the article, a Philadelphia couple is in the process of returning a religious statue to its rightful home at a church in Montauro, Italy. The statue of St. Pantaleon the patron saint of physicians missing from the church since approximately 1946 has occupied a closet in the family homeplace of Ed Nader who only recently discovered its rightful place in the world. According to what is known, the statue was brought from Italy to Boston for a special celebration honoring this saint. Although no one is exactly sure how the statue came into the possession of his family, Nader and his wife are about to join the congregation in Montauro this year for the feast day honoring this saint.

Fishermen, regardless of their skill level, should definitely feel for one angler and his recent catch of a 960 pound shark in the Trenton, New Jersey area. The shark outdoes the previous record of 880 pounds dating back to 1988. The fly in the ointment is that according to Fish & Wildlife rules the catch must be accomplished by a lone fisherman; however, in this case, six fishermen were involved.

The legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Oregon in 2014 has taken on an interesting new angle. Included among the exhibits at Oregon's 2017 State Fair are nine live marijuana plants which the public is allowed to view, smell and touch.

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