More Off Beat And Weird News!

A recent news article reported that at the 2017 Oregon State Fair, along with entries for the best pumpkin, watermelon etc, marijuana would be part of traditional exhibits in this category. If that is not strange enough, for community clean-up day in Maine, a licensed medical marijuana distributor recently offered free marijuana for each bag of trash collected by individuals age 21 or older.

Feline lovers should definitely enjoy news concerning a cat who, although recently deceased, served as mayor of an Alaska town which had no human counterpart. According to the account, the cat, was a little over 20 years old. Its stint as mayor was the result of a write-in vote by the majority of Talkeetna, Alaska's 900 residents in 1998. Rumor has it that another cat has been waiting in the wings to assume the town's mayoral duties.

On July 23, 2017, a Washington, D.C., rescue team was called upon to extricate a man from a dumpster. It appears the individual was attempting to retrieve a cellphone he had accidentally dropped in the dumpster. While no details were included relative to why the man was near the dumpster, it does reveal that he was able to call 911 from some phone he found while searching for his own.

Many communities in the United States hold Cops Night Out gatherings to assure young children and especially teenagers that law enforcement officers are friendly and always ready to help when needed. Across the pond at least one child does not see them that way. Recently, a 5-year old girl was fined $195 for having a lemonade stand in her yard for which she did not have a business operator license.

The aforementioned the policeman is your friend concept definitely did not go well for a man in Louisiana. It seems the 30-year old man who had been a fugitive since 2013 and was attempting to thumb-down a ride on a highway never dreamed the next vehicle to approach him would be one driven by a deputy sheriff.

The incident ended with the man being taken into custody after the friendly law officer processed his identity. Motorcycle enthusiasts especially Harley-Davidson ones can take note that it is possible to leave Planet Earth aboard a Harley. An 89-year old HOG lover recently made arrangements with a Steel City, Pennsylvania funeral home for the sidecar of his 1990 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softall in which he will be buried to be escorted to its final resting place by one of the firms three motorcycle hearses.

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