One-Armed Clown Arrested

A man replaced his missing arm with a machete and police weren't finding any humor in what he called a "prank." 31-year-old Corey Berry made a stir in sleepy Maine earlier this week when he was seen around a convenience store, the Huffington Post reported. Witnesses said he fled into the woods when police arrived. A Maine State Trooper reported Barry was intoxicated. He was apprehended while wearing a clown mask and a black hoodie. He also had a sharp machete attached with duct tape to what was an amputated left arm.

Berry allegedly said he was just playing a prank. He said he wanted to dress up like a clown for cheap scares, much like many people were doing around the country last year, which garnered social-media coverage. The "creepy clown" trend led to many calls to police. It also was met with some violence, as scared yet brave "victims" would attack the clowns instead of the other way around. WCHS TV in Maine reported this was the first "creepy clown" sighting of the year in the small state. “He had what I thought was a meat cleaver,” a witness told the Portland (Maine) Press Herald. “It was as if he was in a trance.” Witnesses said there was a sense of disbelief, as the town was known for being quiet and low on crime. Some residents said they were shaken and disturbed by the news.

Police said Berry was cooperative and put down the machete when asked to do so. Berry's only previous brush with the law was in 2012 when he was fined and his license suspended for operating under the influence, according to the Press Herald.Berry was charged with criminal threatening. He posted a $200 bond and was released from jail while awaiting another court appearance.


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