Russia Responds To US Sanctions With Weird Video

The rising tensions between Russia and the United States have led to some strange interactions between the two nations. During Trump's rise to the presidency of the United States, he made it fairly clear that he respected Putin in a strange way that disconnected from the standard view of American politicians. Despite the efforts from Trump to make Putin into a friend, the two have been forced into a political situation that could see them become mortal enemies. Due to the behavior of the Russian regime, particularly with their annexing of the Crimea region within the Ukraine, Trump was forced to sign sanctions against the Russian nation. Strangely, Trump commented that he didn't actually want to place the sanctions, but that he didn't have much choice from a political standpoint.

While sanctions against any nation should not be a laughing matter, it seems that someone within the Kremlin missed that footnote. A tweet was published by the official Twitter page for the Russian government, and it contained one of the most unusual and downright weird threats ever issued. In the tweet, a warning is issued against those who would impose sanctions on the Russian government, and it claims that those who place such sanctions will 'perish'. A video was included in the tweet, and it included a dedication of the video to any who would attempt to hurt the Russians with new sanctions.

Here's where things get really weird. The video that was shared with the tweet features footage taken from a folk festival that takes place about 100 miles outside of Moscow in the town of Zaraysk. The video showcases the events of the festival as well as the arts and crafts that are available. Viewers are treated to scenes of scripted medieval combat, children riding swings, blacksmiths hammering steel, and many different competitions and races. For some reason, the video has been combined with a heavy metal music track, as if the loud and fast music would somehow make the footage seem more threatening.

One might assume that if Russia truly wanted to issue a threat, they would have issued one that was a bit more, well, threatening. The government of the Ukraine responded with a weird but albeit funny reply. They took a GIF from South Park that shows two of the characters dressed in medieval garb while one lightly strikes the other with a wooden sword. Since when did major world nations take to using memes to communicate with each other?

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