The Mysterious Monsters of Lake Norman in North Carolina

North Carolina is quickly becoming a hub of monster activity. Not too long ago -- as in two weeks ago -- North Carolina added itself to the list of more recent states to report the sighting of a Bigfoot monster. Based on recent incidents, Bigfoot seems to have moved north to Pennsylvania, but a new creature has taken the Sasquatch's place in North Carolina: a lake dinosaur. Lake Norman is the specific location the sightings are taking place. Reports of a creature looking a lot like the Loch Ness Monster seem to be picking up. The man-made Lake Norman has been home to a "dinosaur-like creature" for upwards of 50 years. The sightings aren't new at all. They just pop up now and then. A diver recently came forward to take about an incident he experienced at the lake two decades ago. While diving for old bottles, he came across what seemed to be a massive, 8-foot long fish. Speculation is the mysterious fish could be a giant catfish such as the ones indigenous to southeast Asia. How such a catfish found its way to a man-made lake in North Carolina is anyone's guess. A "normal" catfish may have simply grown to massive dimensions and remained out of sight. The catfish may have grown a lot bigger over the past 20 years as well. The implausible notion of a monster catfish lurking beneath the depths of Lake Norman remains more plausible than a lost dinosaur creature. Other eyewitness accounts suggest a dinosaur-like lake monster since the description does not even remotely sound at all like a catfish. Could there be two mysterious creatures living in the lake? If one cryptozoological creatures exists, why not two? Well, for one, the odds of a single mysterious monster inhabiting a lake are low. The chances of two even lower. Not so low are the chances some more realistic creature or object may be mistaken for a dinosaur or giant fish. No concrete proof or disproof of the mysterious creatures in Lake Norman has emerged. At the present, everyone can enjoy coming up with their own speculations and theories about what might be living in Lake Norman.

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