Get Your Milk and Sugar in a Capsule

Coffee drinkers all over the world have been holding their breath in anticipation over a new way to flavor their morning brew that recently hit the news headlines. Instead of the usual mess of pouring milk and sugar into a cup of coffee, they will both be combined into an easy-to-use capsule that instantly dissolves in the hot liquid.

The information about the new product was published in the journal called “Chemical Engineering and Technology” after a woman named Martha Wellner perfected the process as part of her research for her PhD at Martin-Luther University. But it was previously founded by the original creator of this type of capsules, Joachin Ulrich, who discovered them while he studied crystal formations.

The milk capsules are unlike anything that has ever been used before. First, the sugar and milk are combined. But the sugar doesn't dissolve like it normally would. Instead, it multiplies like a crystalline structure, which encapsulates the milk inside it when it is poured into molds. Each capsule holds their shape until a person places them into a hot liquid, such as coffee.

The new milk and sugar capsules will significantly cut down on the amount of packaging that will have to be used. So some are calling them the greener way to get your morning fix. Usually, each serving of sweetened milk is sold in a tiny plastic cup that gets thrown away. And since most people use several servings of the cups for each cup of coffee that they have, the amount of waste from it all quickly adds up over time.

The capsules will most likely be sold in one large resealable container in the dairy section of major food stores. However, the approval process still has to be worked out before they will be out on the market for consumers to purchase.

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