It Turns Out Taking a Selfie with a Rhino is a Bad Idea

Look, everybody knows rhinos are pretty great. They're basically just chubby, heavily armored unicorns, and it makes perfect sense that people want to be as close to them as possible. In truth, this is a horrible idea as a live rhinoceros will just impale and/or step on you for getting too close, but other than that, you can certainly see the appeal.

One young man in Denver took his portly unicorn admiration to the next level the other day when he hopped a four foot safety fence to "take a close-up picture" of one of the zoos single-horned inhabitants.
Luckily, the young man was removed from the zoo before he could get into the rhino enclosure. It's not clear if this was his intention, but luckily for the rhino, who likely didn't want to go the way of Harambe, the police grabbed the man before he could get that close. For his trouble (and possible fascination with grey, plus-sized unicorns) the young man earned himself trespassing charges and a permanent ban from the Denver Zoo.
Despite the silliness of the crime, the seriousness of what this young man did deserves to be underlined. That jab about Harambe wasn't in vain, both man and animal could have been in danger. This was pointed out in an official statement made by the zoo: "The safety of Denver Zoo's guests, animals and staff is our top priority and we take these matters very seriously. Clearly identifiable barriers, including signage and fencing, are in place throughout the Zoo and our safety officers are onsite 24 hours a day. Trespassing into an exhibit area is a punishable crime under Denver City Code and law enforcement is contacted immediately should it occur."
The moral of the story, it seems, is to not try to "make friends" with large horned wildlife, a sensible moral indeed.

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