Machine Gun Auctioned Off by Ohio Sherrif's Department

It appears that the state of Ohio is gaining another weapon on its streets: a machine gun. Luckily this isn't going to just anybody because it is being auctioned off by the police force for a hefty price. The gun is worth approximately $37,000.00 according to one expert, but the northeast Ohio police force expects to profit at least $50,000 for it.

For those concerned about purchasing a century old machine gun, don't worry. It works. Lieutenant Brian Alford most recently discharged the weapon five years ago and it is cleaned multiple times per year to ensure that it stays in excellent shape for the next person who wants to own a fully functional machine gun.

The history of the weapon dates back to 1937 when Sherriff Abe Laird of Tuscarawas County acquired it. The sheriff's office states that they aren't sure what the gun's original use was intended for. However, the weapon isn't abnormal for the time period it was acquired in. The machine gun, identified as a Thompson Model 1921, was a common weapon for the Great Depression era.

Proceeds from the auction aim to lessen taxpayer dollars for the police force's weapons, as they intend to use proceeds from the sale of the Thompson machine gun to buy new guns for the police force.

While the less gun enthused may not recognize the machine gun's name, it is likely they will recognize its notoriety. Think mobsters in Chicago operating their speakeasies during the prohibition. Pretty cool stuff, right? It was also famous for being used in the military and was commonly carried by mailmen to aid in the delivery of your great grandparent's mail. Appropriately named "the Annihilator" due to its ability to feed the chamber around 600 rounds per minute and uses a 30 round magazine to operate.

If you're interested in purchasing the Al Capone style weapon, you can attend the auction next month on September 11.

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