No Longer A Stripper: New Zealand's Shaney Marie Turns To Sex Witchery To Turn Couples On Across The Globe

Her name is Shaney Marie, and the native Kataia, New Zealander is hoping to spread a little magic sexuality across the world. The self-professed witch is a former stripper and believes that both couples and single people can create deeper sexual connections.

According to the U.K.'s Mirror, Shaney Marie, 31, likes to label this higher level of human delight as "pagan eroticism."

The sexual priestess's message appears to be working because her instruction is in demand as she visits countries across Europe to celebrate sex witchery and teach both sexes how to develop richer physical and spiritual experiences. She is now based in Melbourne, Australia and says that business is skyrocketing through the popularity of the internet. She offers Skype consultations as well as face-to-face sexual coaching.

Shaney Marie claims that while she was dancing in clubs, she found that most men were searching for that profound and intense bond. She quit the stripping industry because it offered an uneven status with men objectifying women and women doing the same to men through their wallets. She believes that men want more than just to stare at women's breasts.

The attractive, long-haired brunette has classified her own self under two categories; she is both pansexual and eco-sexual. That means gender does not matter or define her in her sexual pursuits and that things on earth can erotically stimulate her. In other words, a simple gust of wind can sexually arouse Shaney Marie.

What she is teaching is not pornography because that is a desensitizing instrument, she explains. Instead, Shaney Marie has returned to the wisdom of ancient pagan times when sexual connections grew out of a spiritual mystique.

In her sex witchery classes, the stripper-turned-priestess casts spells to enhance orgasms. She also instructs her clients on using crystals to create erotic feelings and to pray at love-altars. Men are her biggest clients, and in general, those from ages 20 to 70 have sought her services.

Shaney Marie is planning on an international tour this month, and it looks like she will be visiting London and several Irish cities to spread her magic sexuality to the curious and those in need of a deeper connection.

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