The Amazing Flying Motorbikes

The Russian bank Vnesheconomban is investing millions of US dollars into prototype flying motorcycles that could drastically change the way we shop, go to work and spend our leisure time. The current incarnation of the hover bike, called the Hover Bike S3, looks like someone took the wheels of a conventional motorcycle and planted it atop a scaled-up drone. Bank chairman, Sergey Gorkov, says it looks less like a motorcycle and more like a multifaceted motorized platform.

The S3 debuted at the Moscow Raceway, where it successfully negotiated around a race track. When the bikes hit the market as early as 2018, they are expected to sell for between $30,000 and $60,000. They are currently in the testing phase of their development. Hover Serf, the company behind the hover bike, reports pre-sales from Asia and the Middle East. In addition to kicking off a new form of spectator sport, the hover bike is also expected to be good at transporting goods. George Jetson, eat your heart out.

The Proto-Prototype

The Russian-backed venture is not the first hover bike ever to be invented. In 2014, British plumber, Colin Furze, spent a few short weeks in his garage to produce a contraption that resembles a bicycle frame with a helicopter motor at each end. Colin knew nothing about either engineering or flying, but was soon able to develop the concept and learn how to control the bike and fly it reliably a few feet off the ground. Described as an 'unhinged flying bike/human blender,' if this goes into serious production, we could soon see people playing airborne Quidditch, instead of having to slum it running around on the ground.

The Malloy Hoverbike

Already on the market and selling for around $1,300 is the Malloy Hoverbike. This device looks like a flying camp bed and has the capability to deliver people, equipment and aid over rivers, buildings and mountains at the touch of a button. Practical, cheap and autonomous, the Malloy Hoverbike could revolutionize unmanned airborne logistics.

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