Trump Supporters Will See Unlikely Company on Day of March

Trump supporters who are looking forward to marching in Washington D.C. next month will be shocked when they look across the street and see supporters marching that same day with a different kind of agenda. Those who support Insane Clown Posse are scheduled to march on the very same day that Trump supporters are scheduled to march, marking a most peculiar combination that might generate a bit of confusion among onlookers as to whether or not one type of rally is associated with the other.

Preparing for their march in Washington D.C. at the National Mall location, supporters of the infamous rap group Insane Clown Posse have had their march scheduled for some time now. The purpose of their march is not only to show support for their band but also to spread a message about their following of the ICP "family" being completely community-oriented, rather than a type of gang that those associated with the musical group have been painted out to be in the past.

Back in 2011, the band and their fans were smacked with the title of being a loosely organized type of hybrid gang by the FBI and Department of Justice. The main goal of their protest is to fight back against such a label and all fans of the group aim to do so by donning the highly recognized face makeup, that the band's two main singers are known best for wearing on stage, and taking to the streets on that particularly slotted day. "Juggalos," as they've been known as since the band's initial creation, are those who hold the love of their favored music and the image of familial friendship that the Insane Clown Posse so often retells in their songs.

In 2014, many members of the group and their fans filed a lawsuit with the assistance of the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan against the labeling, which have scarred the image and reputation of the band in the years since. Michigan being the state where the group was formed, it seemed only an appropriate action to take for the fans and the lead singers at the time. Despite their efforts, the lawsuit was dismissed, which is what prompted this march to take place.

As far as their marches landing on the same date, MOAR (Mother of All Rallies) is the pro-Trump political group which will be meeting around the same area as the ICP fans for their own march along the National Mall premises.

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