Venezuelans Turn to the Zoos for a Hot Meal

As everyone who follows worldwide news knows, Venezuela has been in trouble for several years now due to the poor leadership of President Nicolas Maduro. Not only is their economy at the lowest point that it has ever been in history, but they now have a limited amount of electricity, medical supplies, and water. And that isn't even the worst part yet. The entire country, including members of the government, police, and military, is also on the brink of starvation.

That means, millions of people have been left to try to find ways to survive by any means necessary. For some, this equates to scavenging garbage cans for leftovers or growing a few vegetables in their backyard. Others, who are more desperate, have started turning to the zoos for a hot meal though.

Recently, in Maracaibo, Venezuela, two peccaries were stolen. Since they have a similar appearance to a wild boar, the police believe that whoever took them wanted them for food. Almost a dozen other types of animals have been disappeared in the last several weeks too, including some buffalo. But since buffalo are so large, and they couldn't be carried out as easily, the thieves cut the buffalo into pieces before they left.

Before all of the recent zoo thefts, many of the animals had already died of starvation. When the Venezuelan government was questioned about their demise, they claimed that the animals were “treated like family” though. They also tried to say that the animals died of natural causes. But this is debatable considering the vast amount of people who photographed them as mere skeletons before they passed away.

If the Venezuelan people don't get some type of emergency assistance soon, there might not be any of them or the animals left to save. So far, there has been no mention of the United States interceding on their behalf though. The Venezuelan president claims that this is because the United States is responsible for the poor economic conditions and the lack of food in the country, which has caused many to question Maduro's mental state and ability to carry out his duties as the president.

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