Woman Finds Missing Engagement Ring Thanks to a Carrot

A woman from Canada named Mary Grams recently found her long lost engagement ring in an odd place. Nearly 13 years ago, Mary Grams was weeding in her yard when she lost the ring. It was Mary's daughter-in-law that made a shocking discovery while pulling vegetables. What she would discover is that this ring had been found wrapped around a carrot.

The tale of this mysterious engagement ring begins while Mary was out in her yard. During a typical day of weeding, Mary's engagement ring flew off of her hand. Stricken with fear, she never ended up telling her husband about the missing ring. Instead, Mary would end up replacing the ring with something smaller. Mary was devastated but never wanted to let anyone know the ring was unable to be found.

Mary's husband had sadly passed away five years ago. She feared the ring and one of the couple's treasured memories were both gone forever. Recently, Mary's daughter-in-law, Colleen, was out picking carrots and brought them inside. Sky News reports Colleen began washing the carrots over the kitchen sink when she came upon something extraordinary.

What Colleen found was a ring that a carrot had completely grown around. She admits to almost throwing the odd looking carrot to the family dogs before realizing what she had found. Colleen went to tell her Mary what she found. After 13 years, Mary Grams was reunited with an engagement ring she thought she'd never see again.

In summary, a woman named Mary Grams lost an engagement ring about 13 years ago while weeding. Mary feared that the ring was gone forever until her daughter-in-law was picking carrots. She brought the carrots in to wash when she found Mary's engagement ring. Bizarrely, the ring had ended up being lodged around a carrot, remaining safe and sound. After being presented the ring, Mary gave it a good cleaning and reports the ring still fits the way it did 13 years ago.

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