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Colourful Stars Cosmos Laser Projector

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A Star Projector is a small, low-power electric light kept on at night for comfort and safety. They provide enough light to see the outlines of objects in a room, but are dim enough to not disturb your sleep. Night lights are often used to comfort children who are afraid of the dark. They can also be used in hallways and bathrooms to allow people to navigate the house at night.

Magic Star Projector: You must be looking forward to the magic star sky, but maybe you haven′t the mature condition to obtain a good appreciation. Now our magic star projector can help you create a similar mini night star sky. It is a small plug-in device with a low-watt incandescent bulb and a mechanical switch. Besides, varied designs and effects to display a romantic and colorful sky will impress you. It has been used in many occasions thanks to power-saving and mini design.

Star Projector Function:

  • Star Projector transforms the ceiling of your darkened room into a dramatic replica of the real night sky while leaving the lighted room unchanged (no posters or noticeable markings). 
  • Dazzling and romantic. Guaranteed bedtime fun for everyone. 
  • Soothing and relaxing. Finally a simple cure for fear of the dark. The peaceful comfort of a starry night inspires a feeling of "connectedness" with the universe. 
  • Accurate and educational! Stars and constellations are in proper positions with accurate relative brightness. You also get a hand-held Star Map and Constellation Finder that shows the names and locations of hundred of stars--an entire hemisphere! In addition, the star map is an excellent take-along item anytime you′re star gazing outdoors.
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